The Timestamp Tool

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Create TEST timestamps
Verify e-TimeStamps
System Test
Create TEST timestamps
Verify e-TimeStamps
System Test

Drop files here ( DigiStamp Processing Will Begin Promptly )

Drop the files you would like to protect into the tool or select them with the
Drag and drop your timestamps and the files (optionally) they protect into the box or use the
Download the test files and then provide them to the tool by drag-and-drop or the
 "Add/Choose/Select Files/Browse" button.

This tool will allow you to verify a DigiStamp timestamp that you have in the form of a .p7s file. If you do not supply the file that was protected then the verify function will display the "Protected Hash Value" for you to manually compare with your file's hash that you calculate using an alternate method.

Privacy Note: Only your timestamp, containing your file's hash and the TSA's signature, will be transmitted to DigiStamp. Your protected data file is not transmitted to DigiStamp.

If you have exactly one file and one timestamp, this tool will assume they correspond to each other.

If you wish to authenticate multiple files with their timestamps, the files must have the exact same name; aside from the .p7s extension of the timestamp.

For example:

May look like:

This tool will allow you to hash your files and create TEST timestamps for them. You will need to save the timestamps that will be returned to you in the form of .p7s files.

There is a guided video demonstration for this tool here.

You must verify all timestamps after receipt in order to meet your obligation under DigiStamp Policy. We provide a verification tool for this purpose here.

Privacy Note: The name of your file and its hash value will be transmitted to us when you create a timestamp using this tool. The contents of your file will not be transmitted to us. We will store hash values you send to us. We store the file's name if your account is configured for that.

You will end this process with 2 files: your protected content (MyFile.doc) and a TEST timestamp (MyFile.docTEST.p7s).
You must keep unaltered copies of both files; they are only evidence together:

This test requires you to download 12 small files with a total size of 11.4 MB. After downloading these files you will provide them to the web application using the file inputs seen above. Press the button to begin:


Click here if you had trouble downloading the files.

Great! The test is underway and results will be ready soon.
After the test is completed you should delete the test files you downloaded, having multiple copies of the test files in your downloads folder can prevent the test from working in the future.

Need help? You can create a support ticket here.

We have not tested these tools on the browser or operating system you are using. We strongly recommend that you run the System Test to confirm proper fuc fhnjryunctioning on your platform.
You are hashing a very large file, this may take considerable time and processing power.
You are hashing a large amount of data, this may take considerable time and processing power.
Mozilla Firefox has the best performance for this tool.
Overall hashing progress:



You have opted for the simple tool, it will be necessary for you to provide your own hash values. If you would like to use the more complete tool, simply refresh this page.

You are seeing the older, manual web interface for creating timestamps. If you would like to use the HTML5 DigiStamp Web Applications, try opening this page in Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Other alternatives at this link..

With this simple tool you are responsible for calculating your document digest through some independent means of your choosing (search for tools). Then, enter that digest value below, press Create Time Stamp and the DigiStamp server returns your time stamp which you must then save on your computer.

If you would like to access this tool in the future you can do so at this URL.


document digest value
(in HEX or Base64): 
is the above HEX or Base64 ?
The hash algorithm used 

this will charge your account
You will need to "save" the returned time stamp.